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Subject: As salaam u alaikum
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aryan.k8 11.08.12 - 07:09pm
All you people are really believing nonsense. All of this really a nonsense.. Really.. You shiya... and sunni(only by name) are an insult to Islam. Well you are still alive therez still alot of time for u to realise the truth and open ur eyes *

miirfan 11.08.12 - 09:15pm
W/salaam *

aryan.k8 12.08.12 - 05:07am
Due irfan! Dont u think all this is wrong?? Or are u shiya too?? *

miirfan 12.08.12 - 08:24am
I don't know what u wanna say here. The thing i remember is ur reply in another topic and had replied der what i have to.

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