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Subject: Happy New Year!
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kekasih 14.11.12 - 12:05pm
Asalamualaykum. Wishing Salaams Maal HIJRAH 1434 to ALL my Muslims Fellows here. may this year bring us all closer to Allah SWT n HIS Blessings in all our doings. Aameen. here is just one of the Supplication that i like to share wth all the muslims here... *

kekasih 14.11.12 - 12:06pm
O Allah! You are the Eternal Lord, and this is a new year, so I ask that You grant me protection from Shaitan, and control over this voluptuous self that incites towards evil, and being occupied in that which would bring me closer to You, O Most Kind! O Lord of Might and Majesty! O Supporter of the one who has no supporter, O Protector of the one who has no protector, O Guardian of the one who has no guardian, O Helper of the one who has no helper, O Assister of the one who has no assister, O Reinforcement of the one who has no reinforcement, O Granter of gracious gifts, O Source of great hope, O Esteem of the weak, O Rescuer of the drowning, O Savior of the devastated, O Benefactor, O Beautifier, O Granter of excellence, O Bestower; You are the One to whom prostrate the darkness of night and the light of day, the brightness of the moon and rays of the sun, the sound of (gushing) water and the rustling of the trees; O Allah! You have no partner. O Allah! Make us the best of what they conjecture (about us) and forgive us that which they do not know (of our faults). Allah is enough for me there is no god but He; in Him do I trust and He is the Lord of the Exalted Throne. We believe in it - everything is from our Lord, and none takes admonition except those who possess intellect. Our Lord! Make not our hearts deviate and bestow Your mercy on us, indeed You are All-Munificent. Aameen. *

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